About the South Pole Epic Legacy Project

We believe that an active lifestyle will reduce obesity, diabetes and heart disease and result in overall better health. An active biking community, where people bike instead of drive, will reduce pollution and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Our aim is to build a cycling community. We believe it is best done by getting teenagers into biking. We will do this by providing a program where teenagers can earn a quality mountain bike by participating in group rides and learning bike skills.

1. Participants complete an application including an essay telling about themselves and why they would be a good candidate for the program.

2. We purchase a full suspension mountain bike that will be able to be used for real mountain biking. One of the reasons that people quit biking is because they have poor quality bikes that don’t work well. By providing quality bikes, we hope to make cycling a lifelong activity.

3. A cycling community needs a good bike shop that provides quality bikes and service. We want to support local bike shops, so we will purchase bikes and service from bike shops at normal retail prices.

4. We will take a group of teenagers through a cycling program. There will be a couple of activities per week. Participants will be required to attend a certain percentage of the rides. If they don’t show up for the activities, they will be dropped from the program.

5. We start with rides on bike paths with no car traffic to develop the physical conditioning needed for biking.

6. We then progress to riding on dirt roads to help develop riding skills. We also go to parks to teach riding skills.

7. We then progress to riding on mountain bike trails. We start with easy trails and develop the skills needed to get them to be able to ride intermediate trails. This portion of the program can be completed by participating in our own program or by participating on an approved high school mountain biking team.

8. We then teach them how to ride with car traffic.

9. At the completion of the program, they are given a certificate of completion and are then allowed to keep their bike.

10. Bikes from dropped participants will be sold as used bikes, and the proceeds will be used to purchase a new bike for new participants.

Service Project. Each participant will be required to attend community service projects. Projects may be cycling oriented such as installing bike racks, trail work, cleaning roadsides, or they may be community oriented.

Participants will have to show that they have learned skills to advance to each level of the program. Skills include changing tires, lubing the bike, rules of the road, trail etiquette, etc.

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Fighting Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Obesity with Bikes